Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tahiti Week 1

 Ioarana tout le monde!!!!

The first week out on the mission and a lot has already happened!!! To start off, it was a blessing to hear from my family at the airport and to hear all their kind voices. The flight wasn't too bad and I am just so excited that I am finally here. I was greeted by some friends and family and it just made me smile! I am in Tahiti guys! For the next two years. It's so crazy to think that, but I am just stoked to be here! I met my companion Elder Barfuss, and he is so cool. He is from Utah like it seems most missionaries are, and he is just a perfect second comp. I am serving in Punaauia and its the greatest first sector! I have already run into more family here than ever, it's the greatest. We put in so much work this week and I had such a good time teaching people and just being their friend. People here are so nice, you can say hi to anyone and they will act like you are good friends. But the downfall of missionary work is that it is so tiring. I literally crash every night it's so terrible! But everything else is awesome, the language is coming, the food is way better than the MTC. I can finally stop eating cereal lol, the sunsets are unreal! Everything here is just a dream come true! I love the mission life! I am sorry for the short update, but it is my first P-Day and I have tons of emailing to do and I am still trying to get used to the French keyboard lol, but it will come and these updates will get bigger I promise! Anyways I love you all, thank you for all the support! 
Au revoir et NANA!
Elder Todd

Beautiful leis at our arrivals at the airport with our mission President Pierre Bize

                                                   Happy to see my beautiful meme                             

 And Tati Vaea Baude. Thank you both for the beautiful leis.

Thank you tati Erroline for the cold bottle water.

                                                     With my companion Elder Barfuss

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