Monday, October 3, 2016

Week Six in the MTC

The Tahitian language finally came!!! I love every second of it; its hard but I seem to be picking up on it quite well! it just gets me so excited because I feel like I am in touch with my culture, and I am finally becoming more Tahitian than ever! we have already taught three lessons in Tahitian and its weird because during the lessons I can completely understand what they are saying (partially because they are acting) but more or less I am understanding the words they are saying. I testify the gift of tongues is real. On Tuesday I said goodbye to some friends as well as my good friend Elder Tetauru who finally started his mission. I miss this guy so much; he has helped me with my language in many ways and has just been a great friend overall. I know I will see him in two years though, we have it all planned out. on Wednesday we received our solo sister, Sister Weyland, and wow right off the bat she has already taken control. She's older than us and she just treats us as her younger brothers. It's really funny. Her French is pretty good and it's just great to have someone else who can help us focus and learn more. The rest of the week hasn't been much but each day I am closer and closer to leaving and finally setting foot on the beautiful islands of Tahiti... 2 more weeks I can't wait!! I feel like I have been at the MTC all my life; it's pretty funny actually, I know when I finally arrive I'll be wondering when I have class and when my set meals are haha. I am going to be so lost, but it's going to be so great! I promise once I leave these things will get more interesting. I won't be doing the same thing every day, each day will be a new adventure and I'll have more to talk about! But until then, maururu pour tout votre support et je vous aimes. Au revoir e nana!

Elder Todd

                                              Snow in Utah

                                 Last temple walk with Elder Tetauru

                              Angel Moroni was glowing on Sunday

                   My good friend last devotional before he left for Sweden

                          Woke up to say goodbye to Elder Tetauru

Goodbye Elder Tetauru

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