Friday, August 26, 2016

Week One in the MTC

This week was full of ups and downs; I started off really strong and things were going pretty well. Being assigned the position of district leader gives me certain opportunities- I attended my first branch meeting on Sunday, which is a meeting where every district leader from the entire zone gets together with the branch president to discuss the worries and needs of each district. It was interesting to see and reminded me of the movie The Hunger Games, being called districts and everything, but overall it was really cool to see the inside scoop of things. Everything after that was great too; making it to Sunday really was worth it. The devotionals were so spiritual, and I got involved in choir and the way we all sound when we sing is like nothing I've ever felt before; it was one of my favorite days. But as all good things must come to an end this week went and turned into the hardest week I've had and it probably won't be the last. I've been feeling homesick and I've been breaking down a lot lately... It's hard; the mission is so hard. I'm awake from dusk until dawn and I haven't even had a full night's rest yet, so each day has just been making me feel more and more exhausted. Maybe it's because it's such a big change for me... I don't know, but I've been really struggling with just being here. The language and teaching while speaking French is alright but I'm just so tired at the end of each day. But I have faith that with time things will get better and with the support of so many people I know can come out of this... It's a new week and I attended the temple today; I feel pretty good so I hope I can keep that up throughout the days and nights and weeks. I know the change is what's making things so hard, except for the food, that's a whole different story. It destroys my digestive system and let's just say the results are awful... I'll get through it though. The MTC really is one of a kind. I'll just have to come to learn to love it. That being said, I hope this week goes better and I hope that next week I'll have more to write about; I've been so caught up with teaching and learning French as best I can, and my mind has just been wandering elsewhere, but I have a good feeling about this week so stay tuned! Au revoir.

Elder Todd

P.S. Here are some pictures of the friends I've made while I've been here!

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