Friday, August 19, 2016

Finally in the MTC

So when I arrived to the MTC I first met my companion; his name is Elder Jenkins, he's from Utah and plays the guitar too, he loves music and is writing a girl as well and that's pretty much all I know about him so far. After meeting him, we were taken to class where we met our teacher and two other Elders who are also going to Tahiti. Their names are Elder Campbell and Elder Jorgensen, they too are from Utah. I'm the only one away from home, but that's okay! We started class that day and began learning French. It was so overwhelming, but I've been picking it up... Right after class we went to dinner, and because we were new missionaries we all had an orange sticker on our name tags and literally everyone there welcomed us with, "Welcome to the MTC Elders!" It got annoying very fast and I took it off, shhhhh... The dinner was alright, not the best, but it's unlimited food and there's chocolate milk!!! I also had some of the orange juice here because I've been hearing that we shouldn't so of course I had to try it, and it was the worst decision ever. The orange juice tasted awful and I had a ton of trips to the bathroom... Never doing that again! After dinner there were some programs that were taking place in the next building which we attended; it was called "People and Our Purpose". It was very spiritual, and we were sitting in on actual investigators who are being taught from actual missionaries. We were invited to jump in and get involved in the teaching if we wanted to. I didn't but it was nice overall. After that we were sent to our residence buildings and our whole zone likes to sing a song from the hymn book in French every night, and man that was the best singing I have ever done in French my entire life- I love it! But lights were out at 10:15 and bedtime was 10:30... It's tough to adjust to. The next day was basically the same except longer because I was there for the whole day and I had to jump straight into French. I got to meet my zone leaders and they are very nice people; they informed us that our stay here at the MTC is about 9 weeks long but the cool part is that we are actually learning Tahitian the last few weeks, when I thought we weren't learning any at all! So it was nice to hear that and I'm very excited to learn. During class we were instructed on how teaching an investigator should be done and after that we learned a few French phrases and I guess today we have to teach an investigator already... and in French! There has been so much work already but I guess you have to start somewhere. I spent the rest of the day trying to pick up the language and prepare for this lesson and I actually think I can do this!! During dinner I met and made some new friends, one is from Tahiti and is familiar with my family's name; he's so funny and we talked for so long. He's in my zone as well, and is in the same residence building as I am and it's been a great time getting to know him. All the rest of the people in my zone seem to like me too, partly because I'm part Tahitian and that I'm serving in Tahiti; they think it's so amazing. I was also assigned to be the new district leader, which means I'm in charge of my district that will be serving in Tahiti- so basically I'm in charge of the three other Elders that are with me down there. It's only been two days and already I have done so much... Today is my P-Day and I was able to go to the temple and do a session. I was so tired because it was at 7:20 a.m. and I fell asleep a few times, but that's okay it happens to everyone on their first few days here. After the session we had breakfast in the temple and I don't know what it is, but the food there is so amazing that I had to get seconds!!! I will be playing soccer later and I'm stoked for that. I also have to prepare my lesson for later tonight: I must perfect my Fran├žais and speak fluently. Till next week! Au revoir.

Elder Todd

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