Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 3

Bonjour and Iaorana,
 The city of Punauuia is one of a kind, there is so much work to do here.  My companion and I are in charge of three long streets that head straight into the mountains. Everyday I ask myself why I walked the mountains just to sweat through my pants and get declined by people.  Then you have the drunkenness ! They love talking to us, just telling us we worship Joseph Smith, but then when we actually start talking to them about the gospel of Jesus Christ they listened and seem really interested but just to tell us they aren't interested anymore because they love to drink alcohol. Oh well at least we tried! Contacting here is another story!, We basically just stand outside the gates and yell Ioarana!!!!!! Till either they come out, or we get chase by dogs haha! Only in Tahiti! Other than that, life here is rough, but then I just have to remember why I am here. Its for the families who want to change, and only through us they are able to do it. I just have to remember the joy I can bring to the people here. I love them all and I just want to be able to bring that joy to them. When days are low, I just have to remember there are 600 plus more days that can be awesome!
Love you all!
Elder Todd

                                           Great view from our appartment

                                           Another View of the island of Moorea

                                                       Dogs are everywhere

                                                          Beautiful stairs

                                                  Yep! that is our sleeping corners

                                                  It is so hot that we need 2 fans

                                               Take off your shoes, that is the custom here. 

                                                    Trying to stay dry from the rain.

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